Costa Rica

#1 Human Development

* Project for 2020



A new era for humanity where everything will be accessible and citizens can accomplish a diversified types of achievement's in one life, professionally, socially and personally.

Were one person can be working in a office in the morning and working in farming, cattle or being a part of a theater event in evening and being close to home

#2 SAR-506 * Project for 2020

Our proposal to approach a very diversified projects that will beneficiary during a period of 10 years the Central America Region Some of the most important are:

1. Professional Aerial and Maritime Search and Rescue & EMS Aerial ambulance services Central America.

Project #1-1 Establish the First Professional SAR mission Center in the Central America, Caribbean Region.

Main Objective:

As the Central America and Caribbean region expands in new cities, tourism developments, industry and transportation and other types of infrastructure the need of REGIONAL professional search and rescue units is becoming the only guarantee in the region capable of take immediate actions and support other government structure went natural or criminal disasters came in various and difference environments . With partnership with different local organizations this train units will be station in various strategic station and they will have the news most modern and efficient aerial and maritime.

Specific Objectives:

Aerial and Boat Operator for Search and Rescue : To give the possibility of being train to various individuals or teams of professionals that will include Firefighters, EMS, Police and regular citizens with international procedures and make them understood the importance of universal protocols in extreme situations.

Aerial and Boat Operations and Training Program outline provides a course of instruction to give maritime emergency responders a learning framework in order to become more proficient with skills necessary to operate in the maritime environment and conduct search and rescue operations. A key element of this course will be the preparation of participants to become qualified in the tasks necessary for response to maritime safety and security operations